About Our School

Cambridge International School of English offers a wide range of online courses in General English for young people aged 16+ and adults who are speakers of other languages (A1-C2 CEFR levels) as well as specialist English courses for professionals who plan to work in an English-speaking environment.

Our English language teaching programmes and assessment methodology have been accredited by Oxford TESOL Accreditation Centre (Accreditation Number: 6172186222).

Courses in General English (English as a Foreign Language):
  • Elementary English (A1/A2 CEFR levels)
  • Intermediate English (B1/B2 CEFR levels)
  • Advanced English (C1/C2 CEFR levels)
Specialist English courses for professionals:
  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • English for Finance
  • English for IT
  • English for Tourism and Hospitality
  • English for Healthcare Professionals
  • English for Oil and Gas Industry
Intensive IELTS preparation:

Our 4-month intensive IELTS preparation course will help you communicate more confidently with people all over the world and pass an IELTS exam successfully to study in the UK or in any other English-speaking country.

English exams:

At Cambridge International School of English, you can also take online English exams:

  • A1-C2 English exams
  • Professional English exams


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CISE Global Partner Network:

Cambridge International School of English offers educational partnerships to language centres across the globe.

Learn more about the CISE Global partnership programme

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