CISE Global Partner Network

Cambridge International School of English has ELT partners all over the world.

Wherever your language school may be based, you can join the CISE Global Partner Network to enjoy the benefits of high-quality ELT services, products and continuing teacher education.

Our annual membership package includes:

  • certificate of partnership between Cambridge International School of English and your language school
  • access to the CISE Global Partner Network Portal with up-to-date information about the international ELT sector, conferences for English teachers, our School’s offers and news from our partners
  • participation in collaborative teaching projects and ongoing research projects carried out by our educational partners
  • exam papers for all General English language proficiency levels (A1-C2 CEFR levels) and Professional English exam papers (upper-intermediate/advanced levels, 7 specialisations) for 16+ y.o. students (issued twice a year – in December and in May)
  • supplementary teaching materials (grammar, vocabulary, communication activities)
  • methodological support and short online continuing professional development (CPD) courses for English teachers

Annual membership fees in 2024: £380 per institution

(1) Membership fees cover registration/registration renewal, partner account administration, teaching materials and teacher training.

(2) Membership fees are subject to annual increases of up to 5% per annum or in line with inflation.

Check if an institution is an official partner of Cambridge International School of English.

Visit the CISE Global Partner Network Portal

Apply for membership in the CISE Global partnership programme


Make an enquiry

If you have any queries about membership in the CISE Global partnership programme, please fill in this contact form:

    We aim to reply within 1-2 working days, though it may take longer during busy times.

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