Professional English


Cambridge International School of English offers a wide range of online specialist English courses for professionals:

* Business English, Legal English and English for Finance are taught by Cambridge International School of English in partnership with London School of Finance and Law.

Our Professional English courses are also suitable for English language instructors who teach English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in academic or corporate settings and who wish to revise area-specific vocabulary to perform better in the classroom.

Key features of our Professional English courses:

  • Flexibility to suit your needs – allowing you to study anytime, anywhere
  • An emphasis on personal, academic and professional development through independent learning
  • Tutor’s guidance and support to help you achieve your learning goals
  • Online activities, practice tests, tutor-marked assignments and exams to reinforce learning
  • Relevance of topics, terminology and language skills to your studies or career
  • Certificate of completion from Cambridge International School of English

Our courses have been accredited by Oxford TESOL Accreditation Centre (Accreditation Number: 6172186222).


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We also offer online Professional English exams for non-native speakers of English who are planning to apply for a job in an international company or move to an English-speaking country for work or further studies.

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