Funding Opportunities

Cambridge International School of English recognises the importance of good English language skills for overcoming communication barriers, growing one’s career or pursuing life-changing opportunities when moving to a developed English-speaking country for life, work or study. To help our prospective students improve their English language skills, our School offers various grants towards tuition fees:

Need-based grants

Need-based grants covering 30% of our School’s tuition fees for any course are awarded to students with lower household income.

Regional support grants

Grants covering 30% of our School’s tuition fees for any course are awarded to students from low-income countries (i.e. to residents of countries with a gross national income of less than $15,000 as defined by the World Bank).

Alumni grants

Our alumni can get a 20% tuition fee waiver on all our English language courses if they decide to continue their studies with us.

Grants for student ambassadors

Student ambassadors can obtain a 20% tuition fee waiver. Student ambassadors promote our School in social media and answer prospective students’ questions.

Additional information about tuition funding

The grants are awarded towards your tuition fees and are paid directly to the School. The grants do not have to be repaid.

Tuition funding opportunities may be limited to a certain extent each year, and grants are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, we advise you apply for tuition funding well in advance – ideally, two or three months prior to your enrollment in your chosen course.

Students who receive employer loans or sponsorships are not eligible for grants.

Grant application deadlines:

For Spring Term (March, April, May): 31 January

For Summer Term (June, July, August): 30 April

For Autumn Term (September, October, November): 31 July

For Winter Term (December, January, February): 31 October

Late applications will be considered on a funds-available basis.

Apply for tuition funding

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